Our Process

Internet-based Business Development Process

Our process for developing Internet-based business development solutions is simple and straightforward. Upon meeting with a prospective client for the first time our goal is to learn about your business, your unique business challenges and to establish a trustful relationship with you and/or your team. After a thoughtful evaluation and internal consultation we will offer you specific ideas that address your critical needs and we will demonstrate how these proposed solutions can help your business and deliver benefits to your bottom line. Many times a solution that we might suggest to a particular identified business need is readily apparent to us and we can immediately present it for your consideration as an example of what can be accomplished.

In most cases we find that our clients have multiple business development opportunities that require an integrated and more comprehensive set of solutions and services to maximize the benefits to them. When our jointly prepared plan of action meets your approval with a signed agreement and a project deposit is received then we will immediately begin to work as an expanded team of professionals for your business.

Scope of Work

We provide you with a complete scope of work, guaranteed project costs and a firm completion date for your consideration. Depending on the size of the project it could take four to six weeks to get designs and scope of work completed and approved by you but this is typically a much shorter timeframe. Project designs and work flows are important to help visualize the project and they provide details of the work schedule.

The client designates a single point of contact for the UGS interface and upon project start we will meet with all key coordinators and participants as selected by you. At this time we will confirm the project objectives, scope, design, schedule and projected benefits. We will listen to and address any last minute questions and suggestions from your team.

We believe that obtaining full client agreement, project enthusiasm and trust in UGS is a critical first step to reaching the desired business improvements and their financial benefits.

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